Boldly Go Where No Birth Plan Has Gone Before | taught by CATHERINE BELL
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Informed Birth Preparation is just the beginning.

Welcome to Awesome.

This is Your Birth is primarily a support space, an online village, for people creating Birth Maps using the comprehensive guide: "THIS IS YOUR BIRTH: The Informed Woman's Guide to Birth Preparation"

Who is using this group for?

Pregnant women, who seek to make Informed Decisions and be an active participant in their pregnancy care and birthing. Women who won't take it lying down!

Mumma bears who are determined to do the best for their cubs, who demand to be fully informed and listen to their 'gut'.

Doulas who wish to support their clients on this awesome Journey, doulas who see themselves as sherpas not leaders. Doulas who can meet a woman on her terms.

Midwives and obstetricians who understand that woman-centred care is best practise, that there is no One Way and each Journey is different. These care providers know that a woman is more than a womb. They see Her as she is, celebrate her uniqueness and appreciate her humanity.

Does this sound like you?
Enrolling in this 'course' gives you access to the latest version on the guide. The support group allows discussion and QandA, facilitated by the world's only Birth Cartographer, Catherine Bell. We each bring something unique to the group, whether it is birth knowledge, knowledge of The System, local knowledge or knowledge of OurSelf. We come together with the purpose of support and personal expansion. There is no One Way, this group helps you find Your Way.

This space is an evolving community, hosted by Catherine, but created by You. Catherine will provide information, guidance and discussion around Informed Birth Preparation. If you desire personalised support, Catherine provides Mentoring Services

Boldly go where no birth plan has gone before,

with Birth Mapping.

Birth Cartographer

I am Catherine Bell.

I was a mother-in-waiting for three years, but it was not until I was in 'the club' that I became privy to certain knowledge. There have been so many 'if I knew then' moments!

After three years of waiting to join the elusive Motherhood Club, I had expected some kind of fanfare. But there wasn't one.

By the time my third was born, I had trained as a doula (with Optimum Birth and under the mentorship of Jennifer Staniforth) and as a breastfeeding educator and counsellor (with the Australian Breastfeeding Association). Both these traineeships revealed the lost information that all mothers need.

The biological, innate knowledge we need in order to take ownership of our journey.

THIS IS YOUR BIRTH was born out of my drive to share this knowledge. I became a Birth Cartographer.

I was frustrated at the need-to-know nature of the maternity system, and the limited information provided when facing decisions. Using my Science degree (majored in Anthropology and Biology), my honours (morphology), my Masters (Science Communication) and the specialist certificates in Breastfeeding Counselling and Education and doulaing, I set off on my mission.

The more I learned, the more concerned I became.

Why were so many women being robbed of this rite of passage into motherhood?

Why were mothers cast aside as if they were brain-dead cretins?

Why did so many women feel the need to follow instructions and schedules to the letter?

Where was instinct?

Where was the celebration?

ALL women need the opportunity to find their Own Way.

Course Curriculum

Meet Your Host and Birth Cartographer - Catherine Bell
Who am I and Why am I here?
What do I have to Offer you?
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About the Guide
THIS IS YOUR BIRTH: The Informed Woman's Guide to Birth Preparation
Making Informed Decisions
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Welcome to the Village
A Walk and a chat about birth songs
Live chat
life before children
Trying to Conceive
Up the Duff
Fourth Trimester
Welcome to the Madhouse!
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